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UH Moment: Artistic Partnership

Posted on The University of Houston Public Art Collection and Houston’s prestigious Menil Collection are partnering for the first time.

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UH Moment: Peanuts

Posted on “Obesity is the most pressing issue that we have facing us today,”

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UH Moment: Arte Publico Press

Posted on “When we started, there were 20, maybe 30, small Latino magazine ventures, and over the ‘70s there were three or four publishers of note. Today, we are the largest, and probably the most professionalized, Latino publisher in the country.”

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UH Moment: Dr. Earl Smith

Posted on Who Dr. Earl Smith is depends on the day. He is the respected administrator--dean of the College of Optometry.

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UH Moment: Camille Range

Posted on Summer campers benefit from the range of experiences of their mentors and counselors.

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UH Moment: ‘Hotel App’

Posted on A study from the UH Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management shows hotels how a simple phone app can play an important role in the complex competition for hotel guests.

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UH Moment: Yoga Research

Posted on Reading, writing and arithmetic belong in the classroom, but what about yoga? One University of Houston researcher says yes.

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UH Moment: Frank McKeon

Posted on “There’s just so much here in University of Houston, and certainly the direction that UH is taking toward having a larger medical presence--this is just perfect and very exciting.”

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UH Moment: ‘1-800-SAFE’

Posted on A new social media movement that began at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work aims to connect domestic violence victims to critical assistance through an easily accessible product.

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UH Moment: ‘Campus Kitchen’

Posted on “We feel like there are so many resources at the University of Houston, and what are we doing to give back to the community that educated us and fostered in us a sense of culture.”

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UH Moment: ‘Dunia Health’

Posted on “I am a Palestinian refugee. I was born in a refugee camp. My parents were born in refugee camps. My grandparents became refugees in 1948. This is really personal to me.”