CenterPoint, Direct Energy, Join UH In Electric Power Research Venture

Smart Meter [Photo by: Dave Fehling]

CenterPoint Energy and Direct Energy are the founding partners in the Electric Power Analytics Consortium, at University of Houston’s Cullen College of Engineering.

The initial focus of the work will involve studying data streaming in from the more than 2 million smart meters CenterPoint has installed around the Houston area. Micah Hirschfield is a spokesman for Direct Energy.

“We’re just very, very happy that they’ve seen fit to put together something that is not necessarily oil and gas related but is more downstream and focused on the grid, and on customers, and on the data that is coming out from smart meters that really can help us better serve our customers down the road through innovative products and other offerings that we may be able to deem necessary from the research that is done.”

Direct Energy’s research will focus on improving customer service, while CenterPoint concentrates on better predicting outages, in the event of a hurricane or other major storm.


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