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Potential Gains For Texas Ag In EU & Pacific Trade Talks

Lower agricultural trade barriers are a major goal of U.S. trade negotiations with the European Union and Japan.

Alberta’s Oil Could Head East If White House Blocks Keystone

The Obama Administration is still weighing whether to grant TransCanada final approval for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which ...

Murkowski Calls For Lifting Export Restrictions On Crude Oil

Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-AK, delivered the opening keynote address for the annual IHS CERAWeek energy conference.

Unrest In Venezuela Poses Risks To US' Heavy Crude Supplies

Gulf Coast refiners are looking south nervously, as anti-government protests continue to wrack Venezuela.

Comerica: Texas Economy Saw Broad-Based Growth In December

Comerica Bank's Texas Economic Activity Index rose 1.2 percentage points in December.

Campaign Finance Ruling Could Influence Texas Races In 2014, 2016

The High Court's decision may increase campaign donations from out of state.

Chevron Phillips Breaks Ground For $6 Billion Gulf Coast Expansion

The chemical plant construction project will employ 10,000 workers over three years.

Chevron Joins Hunt For Shale Gas in Southwestern Poland

The project aims to reduce Polish dependence on Russian energy supplies.

Bauer Business Focus: Badri Roysam and Electric Power Research

A joint research venture aims to improve service for Houston power customers.

Comerica, Iron Mountain Reunite For 2nd Annual 'Shred Day Houston'

The event aims both to encourage recycling and fight ID theft.