Fighting Invaders in Memorial Park

The culprits are non-native invasive plants in Memorial Park.

"We're at sort of an epidemic level with some of these landscape plants that continue to escape out into the wild such as Chinese Privet and Japanese Ligustrum."

Eric Ruckstuhl is with Bayou Preservation Association. He says the problem with the invasive plants is that they can be poisonous to some wildlife and crowd out the native plants.

The Houston Independent School District (HISD) students will be combing the park through Thursday from 10-to-2 ready to cut down or pull up the invaders. YolandaCruz from Eastwood Academy says they'll have help identifying what plants to remove.

"The ones that have the orange dot and the ones that they showed usin the binder that's in there. They showed us some kinds of examples."

Eric Ruckstuhl says the cutting down privet or ligustrum is only thefirst step.

"Someone follows along later when everyone's out of the way withan herbicide mix and they'll go ahead and just spray the stump."

The volunteers will not just remove the offenders, they'll keep track of the number of plants and their size.

This is the first time for this project but their are plans to do it again in the fall.
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