Science Fair Attracts Students from All Over the World

The International Sustainable World Project Olympiad drew nearly a thousandentries from 52-countries in the areas of energy environment and engineering.Soner Tarim is with the COSMOS Foundation, an educational non-profit organization and president of the international science fair...or I-sweep. He saysthe students are thinking of ways to promote sustainable energy:

"Many of the countries in the world right now have a target to have our energy resourcescome from renewable energy. For the United States, 25-percent of our energy must comefrom renewable resources by 2025. By organizing this kind of event, we want to find outwhat our middle school and high school students are thinking for us and for themselves.These are the generation that they're going to live and use these resources."

The projects are being judged by officials from area universities including theUniversity of Houston, Texas and Rice. Winners will not only recieve a medal for their effort,but a scholarship from the universities as well. Dr. Tarim says it is importantthat the best young minds are recognized for their efforts to keep the world a livable place.

Pat Hernandez. KUHF, Houston Public Radio News
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