UH President and Students Chart Direction of University

The town hall meeting on campus was presented by the student government association, The Student Video Network and The Daily Cougar. It comes at the end of Dr Khator's first one hundred days in office. Over 46-hundred responded to the survey that asked five questions:

what do you believe are the characteristics of a nationally premier research institution...what must UH do to achieve that stature?..how can UH become a leading academic institution that will instill pride in its students & alumni?..how can UH help its students succeed?..and what suggestions do you have?

President Khator told the gathering there are alot of issues & challenges:

"I'm surprised PeopleSoft didn't come up here because that's another thing I keep hearingall the time. Of course, parking comes up here. Lack of support service comes up here.There are lots and lots of things that definitely do need attention, no doubt about it. But thegood thing is we gotta start somewhere. What is important, what I've heard from you all and which is what I've seen here as well and I've heard in my conversations as well too and thatis...people are absolutely hungry for a top tier research designation for this university."

One big measure of top tier status...is the size of the endowment:

"Universities need the endowment to support alot of the students scholarships, financialaid, the faculty retention, facilities and many other things. That has to be a very important focusfor us to either get the private sector and foundations to come and be partner in the educationalmission of this unversity."

Dr Khator says everyone...from students, faculty & alumni...must be engaged inmoving UH to the next level...from financial support to attending events that promote the university.

Alan Roberts, president of InSite Survey Systems, which conducted the First100 Days Survey, says the university leadership will take the responses and buildaction items around them:

"That said, I'm sure the university leadership also recognize they can't do all things at onceand they have to take a very measured approach to what they do. I'm sure the results will supportany of the action items that they put into place."

Specific goals for the university will be spelled out in September.

Pat Hernandez. KUHF, Houston Public Radio News.
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