Gas Prices

Jeffrey Spring is with AAA, which tracksgas prices nationwide.

"The prices in Houston, the average for regular right now is about $3.29 and it'sup about 6.5 cents from last week. In Houston, you're near the high end. Texarkana and Dallas have it just a couple of pennies higher than Houston, but that's about. The lowest is in Corpus Christi at about $3.19."

A year ago, gas was selling for about $2.70 a gallon in Houston. Nationwide, theprice of gas averages $3.36 this week. Spring says prices are expected to goeven higher, which could change summer driving plans.

"Our sense is in the last five or six years we've seen a number of hyperbolicprice increases in the spring and it really hasn't put people off of traveling, butit may have changed how they travel though, taking shorter trips, staying atless expensive hotels, that sort of thing. We get the sense that people still need that break from work or from school but they may just change how andwhen they travel."

Spring says it's still not clear how high is too high for some motorists whohaven't let gas prices affect their driving habits.

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