A Thundering Comeback After 65 Million Years

Walking with Dinosaurs: The Live Experience is precisely what the title announces, an hour and a half of gigantic, life-size reptiles.

"People are pretty much just blown away by the unique nature of the show."

It is the stage version of the original BBC series and It took hundreds of people six years and $20 million to bring these dinosaurs back to life.

It begins with the beasts parading into Toyota Center gnashing and cavorting. It ends with a spectacular confrontaton between a T-Rex mom defending her baby from predators.

Cameron Wenn is resident director of the show. He says one of the major achievements is the fact that audiences are swept away in the realism.

"Obviously, it's a big hit with kids but, families come along. Teenagers and justtheater goers to see the spectacle of it all and to see the unique nature of the experience. The show itself is sort of written and directoed in such a way that itis pitched to many levels at once."

The entourage includes 26 tractor-trailers needed to transport the 58 tons of scenery, lights and sound equipment...and the 30 tons of animals extinctfor the past 65 million years.Wenn says the realism lead to the show coining the term "edutainment."

"It's at term that was coined to try and explain the unique nature of this style ofentertainment, which is sort of something that's never been done before, combining obviously a very entertaining and theatrical experience with an educational element."

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Pat Hernandez, Houston Public Radio News.

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