New Operation Performed for Critically Injured Tejano Star

Navaira was driving his tour bus and was thrown through the windshield when the vehicle crashed early Sunday. The 45 year old entertainer known to his fans as simply EMILIO was taken back to the operating room for nearly two hours of surgery. Doctor Alex Valadka reopened an incision on his skull to give his brainsome room to expand.

"Critically ill people can develop infections or other things. In his case, although we're concerned about injury up here, there's always a chance something else can develop."

The accident which is still under investigation, left several members of his band with less serious injuries. That includes EMILIO's brother Raul Navaira.

"I was seeing pictures of the bus and uh, maybe he's still with us because he was ejectedout because all that part of the bus was really messed up."

Doctor Valadka says Emilio improves with each passing day.

"The pressures in his brain seem to be lowered than they were yesterday and that'scertainly a good thing. So, he's not quite out of the woods yet."

Valadka says the best scenario is still a recovery that's measured more in months not days.

Pat Hernandez, Houston Public Radio News.

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