Hoops Heaven: Reliant Ready to Host Basketball Next Weekend

Shea Guinn is the president of Reliant Park.

"Our capacity could be upwards of 45,000. We're a little over 30,000 right now, so if Texas advances, we could easily be at a full-capacity crowd with this set-up."

Guinn says work crews will begin converting the stadium from its rodeo set-up after the last musical performance Saturday. The first practices for next weekend's games are Thursday morning. Guinn says it's a practice-run for the Final Four here in 2011.

"This is the first time for the NCAA tournament to be back in Houston in over 20 years and with the regional coming in 2010 and the Final Four in 2011, this is our opportunity for everybody to kind of see what it's all about, to see how it's all going to work. For us it's definitely our first opportunity to see how this new NCAA set-up is going to work."ξξξ

The NCAA is using a more fan-friendly seating set-up this year that includes closing off parts of large venues like Reliant Stadium.

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