The Front Row, Thursday, 5/8/2008

Alan Hightower and his soprano-wife Kristin chat with KUHF's Bob Stevenson about Haydn's masterwork The Creation. Hightower will lead his Houston Masterworks chorus in performances this weekend. ξListen. ξDownload.

Soprano Laura Aguero and tenor Cameron Schutza where finalists in last year's Lois Alba Competition for Singers and they join Ms. Alba and KUHF's St, John Flynn for a preview of the current competition in KUHF's Studio 3-C. ξListen. ξDownload.

Soprano Melissa Givens and counter-tenor Gerrod Pagenkopfξ "duke it out" in KUHF's Performance Studio. They will do the same on stage in the Hobby Center as parts of the Ars Lyrica program Dueling Diva's. KUHF's St. John Flynn hosts. ξListen. ξDownload.
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