The Front Row, Tuesday, 5/6/2008

Photojournalist Harry Benson chats with KUHF's Catherine Lu about the exhibition Through His Lens: Harry Benson's Portraits of Our World. It's on view at the Decorative Center Houston on Woodway Dr. at Sage. ξListen. ξDownload.

Michael Zuraw and Kimi Kawashimi perform music by John Cage on KUHF's Steinway in anticipation of the next concert of the Aperio: Music of the Americas series. It's called Intersections: A Musical Perspective of Cy Twombly. ξListen. ξDownload. ξ**Extended Version**

Actors Sarah Cooksey and Marty Blair are cast members in the current AD Players production of The Heiress. It's on stage though June 1st. ξListen. ξDownload. ξ**Extended Version**
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