The Front Row, 3/17/2008

Christfried Brodel is the conductor from Dresden who will lead the Bach Society Choir and Orchestra in performances of St. Matthew Passion. He discusses the oratorio with KUHF's Dean Dalton. We also sample an excerpt from a previous season's performance.ξξListenξ Download

Daivd Rainey is Othello and James Black is Iago in the current Alley Theatre production of Shakespeare's Othello. They discuss the work and the staging with Dean Dalton.ξListenξ Download

Lindsay Oshman is the photographic artist who as her work on dispaly in the exhibition New York: Real and Reflected. It's currently on view at the Goldsberry Gallery, 2625 Colquitt St., as part the biennial FotoFest.ξ Listenξ Download

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