How Does Your Favorite Restaurant Rate?

The new online service covers the roughly 6,300 restaurants in Harris County.ξ The Houston has its own inspection process for restaurants within city limits.ξ The county's Environmental Public Health Director Bud Karachiwala says some of the more critical things they look for have to do with cooking temperatures and hygienne.ξ These are areas where if standards aren't met, it can lead to contamination and illness.

"One of the things I'm very happy to note is that the state of food security and safety in Harris County is very good. Now it's always a challenge to make sure the restaurants are keeping up with that level of food safety and in their business as you know it's a very tough business they have a lot of turn over wait staff and in cook staff."

Karachiwala says restaurants also have to document where the food comes from.ξ This ensures food comes from proper sources and also can be traced in the event of recalls.ξ A link to the inspection site can be found at KUHF-dot org.ξ Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.


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