Local Volunteers Figure Prominently in White House Race

"This is the early vote...this is like the number to the party and they'll give you basic information. Where do we vote early? Um, let's see. You're in Jersey Village, so let's see."

The volunteer effort at both camps is not doubt crucial yet exciting. At the Hillary Clinton headquarters on Broadway, veteran volunteer Monica Richart is multi-tasking off the main phone line.

"It's a wonderfully chaotic scene because there's so much great energy here and so many people are just coming in and seeing how much they can help and wanting yard signs and wanting bumper stickers and just wanting to do everything they can to show their support."

Fellow volunteer Jackie Gregan says Senator Clinton reminds her of another great first lady.

"Hillary is the smartest woman...first lady we have ever had. She is comparable to Eleanor Roosevelt."

Gregan says Clinton's experience separates her from her party opponent.

"He does not have the political background to get things done like she does...

Who's experience are we talking about? This man has worked, has had numerous experiences in his life."

Volunteer Nancy Beck is at the Barak Obama encampment on Southmore. She recalls her first encounter with him.

"In 2004, I was working the democratic convention, and he spoke and i stood up into my chair and said who are you and where have you been? "

And while Clinton reminds Texans how she helped register Hispanics...Obama volunteer Minerva Esquivel thinks that she represents what his campaign is all about.

"It is very inclusive of everyone. If Rainbow Coalition hadn't been used before, this would be it."

While there may be differences...Clinton volunteer Monica Richart relishes the opportunity to advance her cause.

"I was an attorney and quit being an attorney because i loved politics so much and that's what i wanted to be involved with."

But the Obama juggernaut seems to be fueled by an eagerness that volunteer Nancy Beck says cannot be denied.

"He has given me and many people... Hope, and what I'm doing is giving him my trust."

Pat Hernandez, Houston Public Radio

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