Improvements to Come to Memorial Park

"We're right next to Memorial Drive, right next to the railroad tracks and under this proposal, this campaign, what is it that is going to be built here?ξ The greatest desire was to get runners from one side of Memorial Drive to the other without having to go through an intersection and there is a lot of traffic so the intent was to have a totally unobstructed way to get from one side to the other."

Paul Weathers is with the landscape firm Clark Condon Associates. They won the competition to design a pedestrian/bike bridge.

Thousands of runners and bikers will be able to use both sides of the park more easily.

Memorial Park Conservancy Chairman Steven Costello says most people use the part along Buffalo Bayou.

"Usually down along Buffalo Bayou is the more sensitive areas, subject to erosion, sandy material, as you get up further up into the park, what we call the uplands, it's less environmentally sensitive, trails are more defined and stable so that's why we want to get the mountain bikers further up in here. And then we have a lot of runners that like to run trails instead of running a formal trail so they will be out in the woods as well."

The $10 millionξgoal would also provide additional trails. A new Running Center and new Tennis Plaza are a part of the plan.

Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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