Clemens Gets Practice Run Before Next Week's Testimony

Roger Clemens will have another chance to tell his story to Congress next week. He got a practice run of sorts Tuesday when he answered questions from congressional investigators. As Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports, experts say Clemens could find himself in trouble if he's not consistent with his answers.


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Clemens has now answered questions from of the media and investigators in Washington. His next stop, the most important one, comes on Wednesday. He'll appear before lawmakers to answer questions, under oath, about his knowledge of steroid use in baseball. Sandra Guerra Thompson is a law professor at the University of Houston. She says Clemens will have to be careful to stick with what he's said in the past.

"You can correct yourself, so if it was in the nature of correcting what he had previously said to investigators, then that really wouldn't be a problem. The area of concern is if he tells the investigators and Congress a story. If Congress has lots of other evidence to contradict that, then there could be concerns about the Justice Department going forward with the prosecution."   

Even though Clemens will be under oath, Guerra-Thompson says it's not likely investigators would try to prove his story wrong.

"It's pretty hard to prove perjury and so it is fairly rare. It's more the threat of it that people worry about. In this case, if it's really the credibility of one person versus another, I don't they'll even refer that to the U.S. Attorney's office."

Andy Pettitte, a friend and former teammate of Clemens, also answered questions from congressional investigators this week. He's admitted to using Human Growth Hormone briefly in the past.


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