The Front Row, 2/04/2008

Croatian-born pianist Loreta Kovacic plays on the new KUHF Steinway. She previews some of the repertoire on her forthcoming Carnegie Hall Recital. We also hear from cast members from the Alley Theatre production of The Lieutenant of Inishmore . . .

Pianist Loreta Kovacic performs music by Modest Mussorgsky on the KUHF Steinway in anticipation of her upcoming Carnegie Hall recital.ξShe will offer a full-length preview thsi Saturday evening at 7:00 atξChrist the King LutheranξChurch.ξξListenξ Downloadξ

Katie Pell is an artist from San Antonio and her installation, The Best IξCan Give You and Less Than Half of What You Desrve is currently on display at the Lawndale Arts Center.ξ Listenξ Downloadξ

Chris Hutchison and Brandon Hearnsberger are in theξAlley Theatre production of Lieutenant of Inishmore.ξTheyξtalk with TFRξhost Dean Dalton. They are in performances running through February 24th. ξ Listenξ Downloadξ

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