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A local foundation devoted to preventing childhood obesity is taking its message and its money to the Fort Bend School District, with a health fair and activities aimed at teaching children to make healthy choices and "live healthy." Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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The Oliver Foundation was founded to promote healthy living and provide resources to help teach people and communities how it's done. It's already provided a $1.5 million grant to help Baylor College of Medicine study childhood health problems in the Fort Bend ISD, and today, Director Deborah Woehler provided $3,800 more to cover costs of a community health fair and a week of health related activities in the schools.

"To teach kids and families about weight, tobacco, cholesterol and high blood pressure. If we keep the weight down, it's going to prevent the cholesterol, the high blood pressure, so it's a healthy package."

Woehler says with millions of American children overweight or obese, teaching healthy living skills early is more important than ever.

"We have a generation of kids that may not outlive their parents. It's a crisis that's occurring here, and our health care system will not be able to continue to take care of the health care costs with today's kids if we don't reverse this epidemic."

The Health Watch Week health fair is set for Saturday March the 8th at the Sugarland Town Square Center.ξ There's more information about the Oliver Foundation and its work in a link on the website KUHF dot org.ξ Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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