Christmas Gas Prices

It's going to be the most expensive Christmas on record when it comes to gasoline prices. As Houston Public Radio's Laurie Johnson reports, Texans are paying more at the pump this holiday than ever before.

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Gasoline prices have declined for three weeks straight. But the fact of the matter is, the price at the pump is still the highest it has ever been for Christmas travelers. AAA Texas Spokeswoman Rose Rougeau says prices are still lower in Texas than in much of the nation, but it won't be a cheap holiday.

"This time last year we were paying $2.17 for a gallon of regular self-serve in Houston. This year we're paying $2.81. So we're paying 64 or 65 cents more this year than we were last year."

And Houston's prices are the lowest in the state. So people heading out of town this week should expect to spend as much as $2.87 in Beaumont or $2.91 in Austin.

"Gas prices are up. Also hotel prices are up, rental car prices are up so the budgets will be stretched this year. But when we look at the number of people who are traveling we will see an increase of one percent in Texas."

About 5.2 million Texans will travel over the next ten days and the vast majority of them, 86 percent will be on the roads. And Rougeau points out that although gasoline prices this Christmas are the highest ever, Texas has still seen declining prices for several weeks. Laurie Johnson, Houston Public Radio News.ξ

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