Know How to Handle Shoes Electronics & Liquids

The end of December is another busy time for Houston's airports. And many travelers this time of year are not frequent flyers. Knowing how to handle shoes, electronics and liquids can save a lot of time at security check points. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports.

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Two-point three million passengers are expected to go through Houston's two major airports this holiday season.ξ Hobby Airport Federal Security Director Jim Marchand says people need to remember shoes must come off and electronics such as computers and video cameras have to come out of carry on luggage for screening.ξ Restrictions on liquids and aerosols are still in place.

"We still have a lot of liquids and aerosols and gels that folks forget that they have number one, or they're not used to flying and they come with a big tube of toothpaste and it's not going to be allowed through."ξ

The Houston airport system expects domestic passengers to increase four percent each year.ξ Aviation Deputy Director Mark Mancuso says international passengers could increase by double digits.

"Forecast that we have tell us that by the year 2020, we're handling about 51 million passengers a year right now, to expect somewhere near 80 million passengers a year so we've got some real challenges ahead of us over the next several years."

Mancuso says part of the challenge is to do construction while keeping security procedures in place and making it a pleasant travel experience for the passenger.

Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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