San Bernard Mouth

The Army Corps of Engineers will re-open the mouth of the San Bernard River so that it flows directly into the Gulf of Mexico.

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During the past couple of decades, sand build-up has caused the mouth of the river to migrate about three to five miles from its original location.ξ Gulf Intercoastal Waterway Operations Manager Ben Boren says it's caused troublesome currents for the tugs and barges traveling along the intercoastal waterway.

"Commercial navigation, as you probably know, traverses up and down the intercoastal waterway and we work closely with navigation interests and they've told us look these currents are causing us problems at the Brazos river flood gates."

Boren says they did find an increase in accidents.ξ The project calls for the river to be re-opened near its original mouth.ξ Boren says they are looking for ways to partner with other groups.ξ He says sand from the dredging could be used for beach nourishment projects in the area or a dune could be created to benefit the San Bernard refuge.

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