The Front Row, 12/11/2007

Houston pianist Rodney Waters, Indian Classical singer Prema Bhat and Tibetan Buddhist lama, Tenzin Dargay join KUHF's Chris Johnson in Studio 3-C for a preview of "An Evening of Sacred Sounds." It's a program presented tomorrow night at Rice University by the Institute for Religion and Health. We also learn about a new gallery of Korean Art at the Museum of FIne Arts Houston . . .

Soprano Julianne Bairdξjoins the Aulos Ensenble for the program In Dulci Jubilo which is presentedξlocally by Houston Early Music. she joins Baroque oboist Marc Schachman for a conversation withξDean Dalton. ξListenξξDownloadξξ

Pianist Rodney Waters has organized a diverse program of music for the 2nd Annual Sacred SoundsξConcert presented byξThe Institute for Religion and Health. He stops into the KUHF PerformanceξStudio along with a Tibetan Buddhist lama, Tenzin Dargay, and Prema Bhat,ξa Southwester Indian Classical Singer. KUHF's Chris Johnson hosts.ξListenξ Download

Christine Starkman is the curator of Asian Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. she and Kumja PaikξKim talk with TFR host Dean Dalton about theξmuseum's new gallery of Korean art. ξ Listenξ Download

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