What Kids Really Want For the Holidays

Parents unsure of what to get their kids this holiday season can find some tips in a survey done by students at HISD's Longfellow Elementary School. These kids know what other kids want, because they asked them. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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As they've done since 1993, Longfellow fifth graders surveyed fellow students about what's in and what's out, and Megan Siemann announced this year's hot list of toys costing under $50.

"Number 10, Webkins. Number 9, Hannah Montana tickets. Number 8, the High School Musical DVD. Number 7, Specialty Monopoly Games. Number 6, Gift Cards. Number 5, Arts and Crafts sets. Number 4, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader Game. Number 3, Transformers. Number 2, Kids MP3 Player, and number 1, Kids Digital Camera."

Natalie Kian says they learned in their research that many toys made in China have been recalled and aren't on the market anymore because they may be unsafe for children, so they're urging parents to be careful about what they buy.

"We don't want kids to get any toys that they're not actually going to be able to play with, or gonna make them sick. Because first of all, it's just not healthy, and also, why spend your money on something that you can't use."

All the students agreed that when all else fails, gift cards are always a good idea. Megan Siemann says she learned something about human nature by going around the school surveying other kids.

"Put a clipboard in your hand and suddenly everybody in the school wants to be your best friend."

Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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