Dickens on the Strand

Dickens on the Strand is an annual tradition in Galveston that includes decendents of Charles Dickens. This year's festival includes an exhibit of Dickens' items from the Charles Dickens Museum in London.

Museum Director Andrew Xavier says some of things in the exhibit have never left Britain before.ξξξ He says they provide insight into other parts of Dickens' life besides his writing, including two trips he made to the United States in 1842 and 1867.

"We've got some really nice objects from those travels, including his traveling bag, a writing book and his pens and ink wells and some letters that he worte while he was in the states."

Xavier says the first trip to the U.S. was driven out of curiousity.

"The second time he was doing reading tours.ξ He was taking his show on the road if you like.ξ And he was doing readings from his novels.ξ He didn't just read from them, he sort of acted them and we've got a few little items in the display to show you what that was all about."

Treasures from the Charles Dickens Museum will be open tomorrow and Sunday at the Tremont Houston inside the festival gates.

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