Professionals and Funding Needed in Mental Health

Mental Health America wants to better track how mental health policy affect people. The group unveiled its first analysis looking at depression across the country. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports on how Texas fairs.

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Betsy Schwartzξ is president and CEO of the Mental Health Association of Greater Houston.ξ She says the report confirms the issues they've been trying to address, that is Texas lags behind the rest of the country in the amount of public spending for mental health treatment.ξ Schwartz says Texas also trails the rest of the nation in the number of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers for the population.

"This really confirms, that we, from an advocacy perspective need to focus on what we can do to create incentives for mental health professionals to stay in Texas once they are trained; at the same time incentives to recruit more young professionals to go into the mental health field."

The study ranked Texas tenth with just over seven percent of adults reporting experience with depression and nearly 11.5 percent experiencing serious psychological distress.ξ Schwartz says those numbers may be low because some with mental health issues choose not to report their experiences.ξ Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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