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The University of Houston Moores School of Music is providing music classes to some early childhood centers that otherwise could not afford it. Master teachers are visiting classrooms twice a week to enhance standard classroom activities. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker sat in on a class.

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"Good Morning, Mrs. Brink!"

Rhona Brink sits in a chair with a guitar in her lap and a music stand beside her.ξ The dozen or so kids sit on the floor ... that is, until the music tells them to do otherwise.

(...Rhona singing...)

Brink visits this Third Ward Head Start twice a week and just in a couple of months she's noticed how the children are learning through music.

"I like to start moving our voices around and then moving our bodies.ξ And I was singing a little song, 'well, you walk and you walk and you walk and you stop.'ξ And they were walking toward me, and I have this table behind me, and they got to the table and they stopped.ξ It's like it didn't occur to them to go to another direction."

(...Rhona and the children singing...)

Gulf Coast Head Start Director Tia-Moyie Lee says the music enriches the students' environment.

"One of the exercises that the teacher went through is rhyming.ξ And so, through the music, children are able to kind of predict what is coming next.ξ And so...it...some of it is repetitive, but it also helps them to think ahead in a fun way, and music definitely does that for children."

(...Rhona and the children singing...)

Lee says they have a goal of preparing children for school, and music fits into that mission.ξ She says it also enriches the families of the children.

"In our community, music is very, very...is a major part of what happens at home, through churches, and so any connection that we can make to their home and their other community connections is great.ξ It just builds upon and scaffolds what they already have."

Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.


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