East End Residents Get a New Park

A three mile stretch of land in the east end is the site of a new park along Brays Bayou. The new greenspace will provide connecting trails along the bayou from the ship channel to Mason Park and then on to Wortham Park. Houston Public Radio's Laurie Johnson has more.

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Brays Greenway is sort of a link in the chain of parks situated alongside Brays Bayou. It sits at the far eastern end just adjacent to where the bayou dumps into the Houston Ship Channel. It's comprised of 27 parcels of land totalling 15 acres. Houston Mayor Bill White greeted the crowd with his trademark line, saying it's a beautiful day in the city of Houston. Then he reminded them how hard it can be to get a project like this completed.

"Vision is pretty cheap, actually. Plans are numerous. But action, implementation to get it done is something that we lack sometimes. You know what I'm talking about? People have been talking about this for a long time."

In fact, plans and designs for a park in this spot were first drawn up in 1912. Nearly 100 years later, the Houston Parks Board has acquired the land. Houston Parks Department Director Joe Turner says in the 1920s people started to recognize the value of Houston bayous and that's when Landscape Architect Albert Nutter designed Hermann Park, MacGregor Park and Mason Park using a Spanish Colonial style.

"And so I would say that we ought to honor Albert Nutter and his design and end this thing down on this end with another beautiful Spanish Colonial design facility down here to show what a beautiful piece of Houston we have here. Most people don't realize how beautiful this bayou is."

The parkland is adjacent to some property owned by the Harris County Flood Control District. So Brays Greenway will also serve as flood mitigation and detention when the bayou overflows its banks. Laurie Johnson, Houston Public Radio News.


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