Red Cross Seeks Youth Volunteers

The Greater Houston Chapter of the American Red Cross wants a few hundred good young men and women. It's trying to recruit more young volunteers into the many Red Cross Youth Clubs at local schools. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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Red Cross Youth Volunteer coordinator Kim Kutach says the first thing the public needs to know is that their young volunteers aren't allowed to work in disaster areas.

"At this point they can't do disaster response other than supplying, gathering and that type of thing. They have to be 18 to be on disaster response, but we encourage them to train so that when they are 18 they're able to do it."

Kutach says many youth volunteers move up to become adult volunteers when they go off to college, and many continue volunteering after they graduate and start their careers. While they're in high school, each club comes up with its own projects that help the Red Cross in all sorts of creative ways.ξ For example:

"They last year did a talent contest for malaria and measles initiatives for Africa, and they raised 1600 dollars for that."

Youth volunteers also help staff Mass CPR Training Classes and other Red Cross education programs. Kutach says they now have more than a thousand members of Red Cross Youth Clubs at 20 schools in the Houston area, and they'll hold a bowling party tomorrow in an effort to recruit more.

"Anyone who's inquired about a Red Cross Club over the summer or at the beginning of the school year is invited to come."

The bowling party will be at noon tomorrow at Dynamic Lanes on Tarnef at the Southwest Freeway. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.


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