No Tax Increase for HISD Bond

The Houston Independent School District announced that no tax increase would be needed to pay for the $805 million construction plan. The bond proposal will be on the November ballot. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports.

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HISD had originally planned to ask for a three cent tax increase to fund the construction and renovation plan. But Spokesman Terry Abbott says revised numbers from the Harris County Appraisal District show that increase is no longer necessary.

"The appraisal district now indicates that the total property value inside of HISD, meaning basically inside of Houston, is expected to be somewhere around the order of $95 billion this year, and that's up about $5 billion from what their original estimate was. With that kind of increase in the appraised value of the property that means we will have more revenue coming in."

If the bond proposal passes, district officials say 24 new schools will be built and another 134 existing schools will be renovated. Some critics say there hasn't been enough public input. Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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