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M.D. Anderson Cancer Center officials and other dignitaries have cut the ribbon at a new center that will be devoted to finding cures for skin cancer. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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The center is named the Ben Love/El Paso Corporation Melanoma and Skin Center. El Paso Corp. has donated $1.5 million to expand the existing center, and M.D. Anderson President John Mendelsohn says the money will be put to good uses.

"Some of the programs will be laboratory research to better understand the genetic abnormalities and molecular abnormalities in melanoma cancer cells, and some of the money will go into research on trying to develop new ways to kill these cancer cells."

Mendelsohn says the center is also named for the late Ben Love, the banking executive and M.D. Anderson board member who died in January of last year.

"Ben Love was an incredible supporter of M.D. Anderson, and of everything that happens in this community, and we are delighted that he is going to be honored with his name on this clinic."

Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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