Renaming a College

The North Harris-Montgomery College District wants to change its name, and it's asking the public to help them come up with a new name. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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Associate Vice-Chancellor for Public Affairs Steve Lestarjette says their current name -- North Harris-Montgomery -- just doesn't convey all of "who" and "what" their community college system is.

"It's been the feeling of the college community for many many years that this name is long and cumbersome, and also confusing. Our district name includes the names of two of our colleges, but it excludes three other colleges that we have in our system."

Along with North Harris Community College, and Montgomery County Community College, there's also Kingwood College, Tomball College and Cy-Fair College. Lestarjette says they want a name that ties all five together, and it must be distinctive, unique, and shorter. Other criteria?

"Must have an appropriate and easy-to-day acronym, must reflect the institution's image as a successful, quality, inclusive, diverse and comprehensive college, should be inspiring and forward thinking but not faddish, and and must not be the name of an individual."

They're taking suggestions from the public on the school's website, which you can link to on our website KUHF dot org. Lestarjette says they'll give a short list of the best names to the college district board before the end of October, and the hope is to get a new name approved by November 1st. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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