The Front Row, 09/13/2007

Luis Bravo's Forever Tango orchestra plays in the KUHF Performance Studio previewing this weekend's three-performance Stafford Centre run which features his internationally-acclaimed show that celebrates the beauty and sensuality of Argentina's national dance . . .

Sopranos Camille Zamoraξand Monica Yunus are joined by Carey Pope from Houston's Bering Omega Community Services for a chat with KUHF's Catherine Lu. The annual Sing for Hope benefit concert is this Saturday at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts.ξξListenξ Downloadξξξ

Luis Bravo and his celebrated Tango Orchestra perform, live, inξKUHF's Studio 3-C. His acclaimed show, Forever Tango, is in for a three performance run at theξStafford Centre in Fort Bend County.ξξListenξ Downloadξξ

Ilich Guardiola, Chris Tennison and Joey Milillo gather in the KUHF Studios with TFR Producer Bob Stevenson for a conversation about the Town Center Theatre production of Richard Greenberg'sξNight and Her Stars.ξξ Listenξ Downloadξξ

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