Texas Towns Clean-up After Humberto

Texas towns along the Louisana border are cleaning-up this after a direct hit from Hurricane Humberto. Here's the latest from Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams.

In the city of Orange, just this side of the Louisiana border, residents lost power and saw trees and signs blown over. One business went up in flames as the storm passed over and a number of homes were damaged. Orange fire battalion chief Joe Mires says Humberto was nothing compared to Rita two years ago.

"With Rita, everything was damaged. With Humberto it appears as if a lot of the dangling branches that were in trees leftover from Rita are now on the ground. We have some minor damage to structures, portable buildings knocked over, that sort of thing."

In nearby Bridge City, an 80-year-old man was killed when his metal back porch collapsed during the storm. Police major Joey Hargrave says even though the town escaped serious damage, the loss of a life is hard to deal with.

"It saddens us to lose any life or have any type of injury of course, especially this gentleman. He lived here forever. Everybody knew him and liked him. That's really the sad thing. You have to be thankful for what you have I suppose. It could always be worse."

Crews in the area are still clearing roads and assessing damage. Both Rita and Humberto passed directly over both Orange and Bridge City.

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