Silver Alert

The Texas Department of Public Safety is developing a kind of Amber Alert Program for missing senior citizens. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports it's the result of a new state law taking effect this weekend.

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DPS is in the process of developing the criteria under which a Silver Alert, as it has started to be called, would be issued. Law enforcement and often times media outlets respond on a local level to reports of missing seniors. This new program would allow for alerts covering a larger region or even statewide. DPS Spokesman Tom Vinger says the Silver Alert will most likely be limited to a certain segment of the senior population.

"If you have a senior citizen with who has a diagnosed impaired mental condition, it could be alzheimer's, dementia, something like that, then they definitely may not know where they're at, where they are going it may not just be momentary confusion."

Vinger points out that the highway signs often used for abucted children would only be activated if law enforcement has confirmed information involving a vehicle for a missing senior. Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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