The Front Row, 08/16/2007

We talk with three curators from the Contemporary Arts Museum on this edition of The Front Row. KUHF's Catherine Lu heads down to the museum as they install the exhibit, Nexus Texas. We also hear from Ray Hamlin of Theater Under the Stars about the six shows that company has lined up for the upcoming season . . .

CuratorsξPaola Morsiani,ξValerie Cassel Oliver an Toby Kamp talk with KUHF's Catherine Lu about the exhibition NexusξTexas. It's currently on view at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.ξ Listenξ Download

Ray Hamlin is the Associate Director of Theatre Under the Stars. He joins TFR Producer Bob Stevenson for a conversation about the upcoming season and the upcoming Theatre District Open House. ξListenξ Downloadξ

Chisten McArdle is the Executive Directorξof the Ann Arbor Film Festival. She talks with Bob Stevenson about this year's submissions of independant, experimental and underground artist-made films. Houston's Aurora Picture Show is screening two different two-hour programsξof award winning entries to this year's festival. ξ Listenξ Downloadξ

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