Lucy Exhibit Takes Shape With Two Weeks Until Opening

With just two weeks until the debut of the "Lucy" exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, crews are working around the clock to prepare a temporary home for the world-famous fossil. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams has an update.

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The Lucy exhibit is one of the most high profile installations in the museum's history, with workers still putting together an elaborate space to house Lucy starting August 31st. This is Curator of Anthropology Dirk Van Tuerenhout.

"We have a display case that people will be able to see when the exhibit is open which will display Lucy in a horizontal plane, very much the way she is being kept in a safe in Addis Ababa, except not on display. She's in a safe. That's the difference. People here will be able to see her on display, up close."

Lucy is probably the world's most well-known hominid fossil, which some scientists say is about 3.2 million years old. She was discovered in Ethiopia in 1974 and this will be the start of her first-ever U.S. tour.

"When objects or items come in, we treat them all with the same care and respect. They need to be treated as such. They need to be preserved and they need to go back to the museums where they came from in the same state that they came in."

The fossil was flown out of Ethiopia earlier this month and is currently being stored here in Houston. Lucy will be on display here through April of next year.

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