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A Houston area civic group and an electricity provider are stepping up to help low income families pay their electricity bills during the hot summer months. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell explains.

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The Texas System Benefit Fund gets money from electricity

users who donate a portion of their electric bills to help low income Texans pay their bills. Now that the legislature has voted to stop tapping that fund for other things, the Gulf Coast Community Services Association and electric provider Direct Energy are spreading the word that people who need help can get it. Association CEO Jonita Wallace:

"Any customer who is a Direct Energy customer that meets the low income guidelines, the federal guidelines, are invited to call 713-393-4700, and we can assist them in meeting some of the challenges that they're facing as it relates to high utility bills."

Wallace says Direct Energy has donated $50,000 to fund this program in its own service area, and another $150,000 to fund it in other electric providers' service territories. She says any person who needs assistance and qualifies should call Gulf Coast whether they're a Direct Energy customer or not.

"We have other grants and other partners that we can help with the same opportunity, and that is, we have funds available to assist them with that electricity bill."

There's more information about this program on our website KUHF dot org. The number to call for electric bill assistance is 713-393-4700. 713-393-4700. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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