Jeweler Takes on the Coffee Business

A member of a family that has been in the jewelry business for seven generations has branched out into another type of business, and has opened a second "Coffee Groundz" location in Houston. Houston Public Radio Business Reporter Ed Mayberry has more.

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"Now, the shots of espresso are only good for ten seconds..."

Jordan Moore makes an espresso at the new midtown Coffee Groundz coffee shop. It's a new outlet in a strip center on McGowen between Bagby and Brazos. Jonathan Zadok has been carrying on the family tradition of selling jewelry at Post Oak and San Felipe, but opened his first coffee shop in Sugar Land a couple of years ago. Coffee Groundz is modeled in the European tradition.

"I started off when I was in college studying abroad in London and I would go to Paris and see the crepe stands and see the way the Europeans sort of enjoyed themselves. Amnd my brother, who's an avid coffee-drinker, he wanted an alternative to what's out there today." Ed: "So that was the concept--European sort of flavor, and also beyond coffee." "Definitely beyond coffee. I mean, we wanted to give customers a wide variety of options. Surprisingly enough, when I first started in the coffee business, I didn't drink coffee, and so we wanted to have a lot of tea drinks, a lot of drinks that didn't have coffee or tea in them, a lot of drinks that didn't have caffeine in them. We offer beer, wine and coffee liquers. You can get a Bailey's and coffee, a Kalua and coffee, you can get, you know, all sort of things here that you can't get anywhere else."

Zadok says the decor is a bit more urban that the Highway 6 at 59 outlet in Sugar Land. There's a lot of groundwork is starting a new business.

"You know, when people say 'Oh, that's great! You started your own business and you have your own business,' I say 'yeah, think long and hard before you do it yourself!' You never actually own your own business--the business actually owns you! Ed: "How'd the name come about?" "Oh, wow. We thought about that for a long time. You'd be surprised! and finally, my brother came up with the name. Kind of threw in the 'Z' in there to give it a little bit more of a twist. and it kinds of works out that my last name is Zadok, so..." Ed: "What's the most fun, deciding the products you want, deciding the decor, you know, I mean there's a lot of ground work, you know, just deciding location, even!" "Yeah, you'd be surprised! I mean, you know, when you start off in this and sort of building something up from the ground up and sort of seeing it come to fruition and, you know, starting with literally a blank piece of paper or a blank canvas and seeing it come to fruition."

Zadok says people are surprised that Coffee Groundz is not a franchise. He takes that as a compliment.

"Yeah, I don't find it to be as much of a job as much of a passion. And there's an old saying that says if you love what you do you never work another day of your life, and I really believe that. Things come to the people that wake up in the morning and actually go and do them. You know, if you wake up and grab it, that's how it happens."

Besides gourmet coffee and tea, Zadok has added paninis to the menu, as well as pastries and gelato. Ed Mayberry, Houston Public Radio News.

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