Child Safety Seats Stolen

The Crimestoppers organization is looking for a suspect who stole a trailer filled with child car seats. Houston Public Radio's Laurie Johnson reports.

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The trailer was parked inside a fenced lot and contained 85 child safety car seats that were going to be donated to needy families. Crimestoppers Executive Director Katherine Cabaniss says the seats were collected through a donation drive by the Harris County Sheriff's Office and Texas Children's Hospital.

"I think that not only would the trailer be useful to someone and they may have stolen it for that reason, but also certainly these 85 seats -- these 85 child safety seats could be resold for a profit. So this is nothing more than a theft, a very typical theft of items that can be resold for profit by someone who wanted to steal rather than try to come by something honestly. It's particularly aggravating because these are items that had been donated for the safety of our kids."

Cabaniss says at about 9pm last night a suspect cut a chain on the fence around the parking lot of the Harris County Community Service Center where the trailer was parked. A witness later saw a black truck pulling the trailer away from the site. The trailer is the property of Texas Children's Hospital. Laurie Johnson, Houston Public Radio News.

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