Northline Mall Changes Name to Northside Commons, Reflecting Open-Air Shopping Center Trend

A mall that's nearly 45 years old is being renovated into an open-air shopping center. Houston Public Radio's Business Reporter Ed Mayberry has more.

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The 1960's-era Northline Mall at Crosstimbers and North I-45, one of the city's first weather-controlled indoor malls, is being transformed into "Northline Commons," an open-air grouping of stores. Mall Manager Rebecca Victor says that's the trend.

"Where you pull into the stores that you're wanting to shop at, and keep on moving. It fits the lifestyle of today's shopper a bit more. We all have a lot less time to do our shopping in. Our list is a little longer, so spending the whole afternoon at the mall is not what most of us have the opportunity to do."

Adam Morales is with Northline Barber Shop--a tenant at the mall for over 20 years, and they're staying on.

"With the stores that are coming in--the big-box stores--and the location we're going to be at, I think we're going to have twice as much business, or four times as much."

Councilman Adrian Garcia was on hand for the raising of the mall's new sign. He's been coming to Northline since he was a child.

"Northline and I go back many, many, many years! Part of me is excited--as an elected official, I'm excited to see this happening. One part of me is a little sad to see the old mall go away, but a little me is real excited about that part. See, I was a kid here when I got lost in the mall with my mom, and so I'm still traumatized over that!"

Garcia says the renovation will help stimulate the economy on the northside of the city. Ed Mayberry, Houston Public Radio News.

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