New Report: All Subjects Must Integrate Reading and Comprehension

A new report from an education advocacy organization suggests middle and high school educators should do more to weave reading and comprehension skills into everyday subject. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams explains.

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The report from the Washington D.C. based Alliance for Excellent Education recommends teachers and schools do more to ensure students exceed simply reading at grade level and integrate reading and comprehension skills into all courses. Former West Virginia Governor Bob Wise is the organization's president.

"This report says that we don't expect a content teacher to also now have to be a skilled literacy instructor. What is necessary is that the content teacher recognize the importance of reading and comprehension skills and that he or she be familiar with the strategies for working it into their course, but we don't expect them to be a literacy coach or a literacy instructor."

Wise says in order for students to be successful in college and in the workplace after college, changes have to be made in what they're learning in middle and high school.

"When you have 71-percent of 8th graders reading below grade level according to the major national tests, we've got a serious crisis in this country. We know that literacy and reading and comprehension will help at every level in every course to determine a student's success."

The report is simply a recommendation, but Wise says it can be integrated into curriculum across the nation. You can see the report through a link on our website,

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