The Front Row, 06/11/2007

Today we hear from sculptor David Adickes as he prepares to install a 36 foot tall, ten ton, concrete sculture of the Sergeant-Pepper Era Beatles and we hear from Moores School of Music violinist Andrzej Grabiec and members of Trio NOVA as they prepare for a series of concerts for at the Texas Music Festival . . .

Artist David Adickes talks withξTFR Producer Bob Stevenson about his new monumental sculpture of the Beatles. ξListenξ Downloadξξξ

Moores School of Music faculty artist Andrzej Grabiec and members of Trio NOVA stop into the KUHF Performance Studio. They are the resident ensemble this week at the Texas Music Festival and they talk with Afternoon Concert host Chris Johnson, a former student of Grabiec, and performξan excerpt from the Piano Trio in e-minor by Dmitri Shostakovich.ξξListenξ Downloadξξξ

Writer Alan Furst talks about his newest novel The Foreign Correspondent with TFR Producer Bob Stevenson.ξξξListenξ Downloadξξξ



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