Paying for Parades

Houston City Council members will spend another week determining how to regulate street functions and parades. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports the latest debate is over how to pay for parade security.

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City officials are trying to balance the cost of parades while still allowing groups the ability to hold community functions. For parades, the ordinance would have the city paying the police costs up to 15 intersections. Longer parades would have to pay $1000 per intersection for security. Council member Pam Holm says stretched police resources shouldn't be made so readily available for parades. She introduced an amendment for parade organizers to carry the cost.

"An applicant must either pay the city the total salary for providing the designated law enforcement officers or the public function must furnish the police officer the proposed number of law enforcement officers that they will be hiring."

But other members of council fear that many groups would not be able to afford the cost. They say parades help with community pride and should be encouraged. Council is expected to take up the proposed ordinance and amendment next week. Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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