Ground-Breaking Move: BCM To Build New Campus

Baylor College of Medicine has broken ground on a new health care campus in the Medical Center that will include its own 600-bed inpatient hospital. As Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports, the new facility is expected to be open for business by the summer of 2010.

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On 35-acres of prime real estate just off of Old Spanish Trail on the southeast edge of the Texas Medical Center, Baylor College of Medicine President and CEO Dr. Peter Traber can see the future. Large oak trees sway in the breeze on the ground where a hospital, a clinic and research facilities will soon stand.

"This is going to allow us to really integrate patient care, our bio-medical science and research and education an a unique and really robust way. It will allow us to give the highest quality patient care through health care teams and to ensure that we are on the cutting-edge of medicine through our formidable research program."

Because Baylor College of Medicine has never had its own training hospital, Traber expects the new campus to change the relationship between the medical school and its current primary teaching hospital, St. Luke's.

"Our interaction with St. Luke's will continue. We'll continue to have education programs and clinical programs. But certainly when we open a new hospital the relationship and utilization of St. Luke's versus our hospital will represent some changes."

The new campus will be about a mile from the current campus in the heart of the Medical Center, but won't have the same traffic and parking challenges. Bob Allen is the chairman of the board of Baylor College of Medicine.

"Once we get this done it will be so much more convenient for patients to come here than to come into the middle of the medical center, parking and traffic and all of that. We think this will finally become a destination health center."

With a price tag of $330 million, the new campus will integrate every aspect of patient care and medial training and research into one facility. Baylor College of Medicine officials also announced a $1 billion fundraising campaign to help pay for the facility and future projects and research. Corby Robertson Jr. is the chairman of the Best Minds, Best Medicine campaign.

"It's very important that we find the continuing philanthropic support to be able to fulfill this vision and our financial plan basically calls for us to have continued success at our philanthropic goals to successfully build this hospital and clinic."

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