Be a Water Watcher

School is coming to an end and for many that means time for "fun in the sun." But health and safety experts are reminding the community that time spent by the pool comes with responsibility. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports

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Constant vigilance is the thing to remember around any body of water with children. YMCA Aquatics Specialist Kristine Meyerson encourages people to designate a water watcher.

"So that when you say, hey, I'm going in to get a Coke and you can't just announce it to the world and hope somebody is going watch your child you give your water watcher tag and say will you watch her while I'm gone."

It takes as little as ten seconds for a submersion to happen and in as little as four minutes a child can suffer permenant brain damage. Barthalemew Nnaji inspects pools for the city of Houston. Among the things he looks for is fences to have no more than four inches between railings. He also inspects gates.

"It has to be able to come back and close and latch (sound of gate slamming shut).

In the last two years, the Houston Fire Department responded to 50 submersions with 8 resulting in death. Most of the submersions involved those five and younger. Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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