The Front Row, 05/14/2007

There is a decidedly Russian tone to most of our program today. We speak with Mark Carrier, who directed Dos Chicas Theater Commune's new production of the first great Socialist Realist drama, Maxim Gorky's The Lower Depths. We also look at exhibitions on display in the gallery of Houston's new Russian Cultural Center . . .

Foundation for Modern Music Artistic Director Adam Tendlerξwill performξthe Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano by JohnξCage this Friday evening at the Rothko Chapel. ξ Listenξ Downloadξξξ

Director Mark Carrier talks with KUHF's Meghan Hendley about theξDos Chicas TheaterξCommune production of Maxim Gorky's socialist realist play, The Lower Depths. ξListenξ Downloadξξξ*Extended Interview*

Azerbaijani-born visual artists,ξSaida Fagala and Irina Sheytman talk with KUHF's Catherine Lu about the exhibition of their work, TimeξReflections,ξwhich is currently on display at the Russian CulturalξCenter.ξξListenξ Downloadξ


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