Dog Vests for Metro Police K-9 Unit

Some of man's best friends are getting some extra protection when working law enforcement. Metro police today accepted new bulletproof vests for its K-9 unit. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports.

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The vests are funded by a group started by Susie Jean. She started the group after hearing a news story about a police dog being shot.

"What was amazing after this dog was shot it got back up and knocked the criminal down and then he died right there. And that's when I turned to my husband and said why aren't they protected."

Each donated vest costs about $700. Metro Assistant Chief Tim Kelly says the department has K-9's trained for narcotics detection. After 9-11, they added more dogs specially trained in explosives detection.

"Worldwide, almost 50 percent of terrorism is targeted at mass transit. And we we're very concerned in Houston and we want to respond quickly to any suspicious packages on our system and make sure its safe. The majority of our canines are bomb detection."

Metro now has eight dogs. 83 police department across the country use the K-9 vests.

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