Harris County Voters Could Be Busy on Election Day

Harris County voters might have to go out of their way to cast ballots in the May 12th election. Dozens of jurisdictions are holding their own elections in addition to the Houston City Council and statewide constitutional amendment elections. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports.

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With 45 jurisdictions in Harris County holding some sort of election, many voters could be forced to travel to several different voting precincts to cast their ballots. This is Harris County Voter Registrar Paul Bettencourt.

"Almost 89 percent of the county will be able to vote for more than one thing on election day, but the problem is you may have to go to two polls or more to do it."

Bettencourt says confused voters unclear on where they have to cast their ballots in various elections can contact his office by phone or go online to www.hcvoter.net to find out where to vote.

"Clearly, when people go to more than one poll on election day there's confusion and quite frankly as a numbers guy, it's exponential when you have to go to up to four polls."

Election officials anticipate very light turnout next Saturday. Houston voters will decide on an at-large city council seat vacated by Shelly-Sekula Gibbs last year.

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