Black Caucus Rallies Behind TSU

Members of the Legislative Black Caucus in Austin say they'll do what they can to ensure Texas Southern University stays independent. As Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports, the lawmakers are banding together in a show of support of TSU.

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Although he's shown signs of compromise, Governor Rick Perry has in the past called for a conservator to run TSU, a person who would replace the board and interim president. The Legislative Black Caucus, including Houston representative Garnet Coleman, wants to know if things are really as bad at TSU as the Governor says. After the current board members announced they'd resign Friday, Coleman filed a bill that would appoint an interim 5-member board so the school's accreditation would not be in jeopardy. He says the fight isn't over.

"This is a situation where you have to keep your eye on the prize in terms of what's important, and what's important is the independence and the preservation and the future of the university and making sure that the degrees that students have studied hard for, put their money down for are preserved in their value."

Coleman says the quickest solution would be to appoint a new board, hire a new president and move forward.

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